Bakau women complain over water Shortage |

By Fatoumatta Gassama & Sariba Manneh

The Bakau Women Gardeners has bitter complained over the water shortage in their garden for over the years now.

They raised this concern to The Voice newspapers reporters that during their site visit to the ground to look into the issues affecting them in their garden.

Fatou Jabang, a gardener at the Bakau garden said that women in this garden are facing a lot of challenges before they will have access to the water facility to water their garden.

Fatou Bojang, also a gardener expressed her dismay on the condition of the garden that if you look at the situation in the garden there is no proper fencing that can protect our crops from damage by the Animals.

She said agriculture department in Bakau have visited the garden in other to know the problem we facing but yet still they cannot provide the solution to our problems.

Madam Bojang revealed that the gardeners depend on the garden activities for their survival in order to provide the necessary daily needs for their family.  So if the garden is not going on as expected, it will not be good for us and even for the government of the Gambia because we also contribute in the national development plan.

Nyaranding Ceesay said that the Department of Agriculture through the government of the Gambia should look into this water problem in Bakau garden because people of the said town did not have a place to do the farming activities.

“The only place we have is where we do these garden activities in other to sustain ourselves and solve other problems that are around us”

The Voice Newspaper