Gambian doctors nationwide are currently experiencing salaries delays, FREEDOM Newspaper can reveal. This follows, government’s announcement to extend a 50% salary increment for Gambian workers; though the recent increment hasn’t covered the doctors yet. Hence, doctors salaries are being delayed. Civil Servants in various Ministries have since received their salaries, including the new pay raise, with the exception of the doctors. 

“I have just been informed that there is a delay in the doctors’ salaries across The Gambia; apparently because they are not entitled to the 50% salary increment announced by the government. This will affect all doctors in all hospitals and all levels,” said our source.

A source familiar with the story tells Freedom Newspaper that the 50% salary increment controversy for government workers is yet to be sorted out as far as the doctors salaries are concerned. Hence, it is causing delays in some quarters.

Doctors salaries are being withheld until the 50% increment is sorted out, sources said.

“Most of the Ministries have been paid, even those at the Ministry of Health, excluding the doctors. Currently doctors are not been paid because apparently if they are paid, the 50% will not be added,” our source added.

The spokesman of the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital Kebba Samuel Nyanchor Sanneh was contacted for comment, but he was indisposed at the time of filing the report.

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