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Apple Tree International Organizes 9th Speech and Prize Giving Ceremony |


By: Sulayman Waans

Apply tree international recently held its 9th speech and prize giving ceremony. The activity was held at the high school, Kotu.

Kogyan Owusu principal Apply Tree International said “any worker expect reward at the work”, adding these children have worked hard during the academic year and the only way to motivate them is by given the prizes they deserve.”

He added: “the school organized the programme in order ensure the students work hard towards their educational careers also motivate others to work hard in their academic performance.”

“The school is not only rewarding the staff but students as well”, he noted.

Parents are also not left out because they are doing their part at home and they deserved a recommendation, this is why we organized the ceremony for THEM (parents) to kwon that their children are doing well, he said.

He  advise the students to work hard, take their education seriously and must kwon that they are the one coming to take leadership tomorrow as well as place of elder once.

He further said education is the meeting point of parents, teachers, for students, staff and all stakeholders, so he therefore urged all of them to work toward the success of education for their children as well as the Gambia respectively.

Binta Jammeh Sidibeh Executive Director Association for Promoting Girls and Women’s Advancement in the Gambia was the guest speaker dilated on government, society, home and the schools in the education of our children.

She added it is the women, the mothers of the children who elect government executive, she ask, now what does the government in turn provide for school children through education.

She further highlighted the efforts and struggled that the government is doing to sustain the educational system of the Gambia.

She wishes success to all the student in their future endeavors, and urged them to be patients and persevere with all the development policies in place; with this she said the sky is the limit for their success.

Aisha Danso the head girls of the Primary School expressed delightful for the school recognizing students who have excelled academically in the past school year.

“I assure you that we have fully recognized those students and staff members who excelled and will received awards or prize”, she said.

She advised her fellow students to continue to work hard so that they will not only receive awards but they will do excellent work that will take them to higher heights as well as advise them to remain firm in their school work.


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