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Communities in Lower Baddibou vows to end child marriage |


By: Haruna Kuyateh

Six communities in Lower Baddibou, has commended Society for the Study of Women Health (SSWH) and Agency for the Development of Women and Children (ADWAC) for promoting community involvement and engagement in recent households survey by reaching out to communities to disseminate research findings on early and forced marriage.

Kerr Ardo, Chogen Misira, Fula, Samba Musu Tallen Fula and Tallen Wollof also vowed their commitment to end child marriage through sensitization and education of girl child as 25 villages in Lower Baddibou shared the outcomes of the findings

Speaking at various sites  Dr. Mat Lowe  Director and  Principal Investigator of the project said dissemination meetings is important and key, simply it help communities to have better understanding and help community to build ownership and lead the campaign to stop the practice.

He noted that the findings revealed that peoples level of awareness on existing law banning early marriage is high ,but the practice continue to persist.

Dr. Lowe said the information generated would help the project to design intervention packages to support the 25 villages to help address early marriage and pregnancy.

He noted that there is need for parents to promote dialogue with girl child and encourage completion of education cycle, while he commends the communities of Lower Baddibou for their support to research team.

The Principal Investigator SSWH called on Imam and traditional leaders to use their sermon to educate the public on the negative effects of early and force marriage.

Most peoples believed that it is mainly due to peer pressure, lack of dialogue between parents and their daughter and most importantly among marriage couples.

The community members themselves unanimously agreed that the practice should stop henceforth, and reassured the study team of their fullest commitment. Women speakers at various sites said that the effects of early and forced marriage are more painful and suffered more than men.

However,  the communities said the efforts taken by SSWH and ADWAC would contributed immensely in ending the practice, noting that the intergenerational dialogue also help both to be aware of  the negative effects of early marriage.



Sheikh Taal Alkalo and Isatou Drammeh chairwoman of Tallen Wolllof of Lower Baddibou noted that the dissemination of research findings would contribute immensely in creating more awareness on the negative impact on the lives of women and girls at household’s level.


The community representatives used the moment to launched appeal to the authority and humanitarian organizations to support the community with clean drinking water.


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