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Gambian Woman Needs Urgent Overseas Treatment |

By: Sulayman Waan

Mariama Baldeh, thirty year old Gambian woman resided at Brikama needs urgent overseea treatment owing to her serious heart infection and other health complications.

According to a medical report signed by Dr. Samba Ceesay Ag Director of Health Services at the Edward Francis Small Teaching Hospital (EFSTH), stated that Mariama Baldeh had difficulty in breathing for several months.

“She was in her usual state of health until about several months ago when she started having dyspnea on exertion association with easy fatigability, orthopnea and cough which is productive of whitish sputum,” the report stated.

It added: “She also experiences chest discomfort but no history of dizziness, fainting, light headedness, ankle or feet swelling.”

However, the report further indicated that her symptoms have been getting worse over the month.

The stated that on  examination: “Young lady, not in any obvious form of distress, no pale, anicteric, acyanosed , no finger clubbing, no palpable peripheral lymphoadenopathy, not oedematous and not dehydrated.”

However, after the medical check-up health experts recommended her to further visit investigation and management at a cardiology centre.

Meanwhile, Lamin Camara, husband of the patient called on all and sundry to help him so as to take his wife to oversee treatment.

Helping her to recover her health status should be of public and national interest than funding activities that may not have positive impact in the public.

Anyone who want to help you can call on +220- 3047049/6358183.

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