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Gambia’s anti-narcotic Officers seized 48 blocks of cocaine from a Lebanese Food Company allegedly belonging to the Tajideens and Ossama Families

Gambia’s anti-narcotic officers have seized 48 blocks of cocaine that was addressed to a Gambian Lebanese supermarket company called Laura’s Food Company. Two individuals were arrested. One of those arrested is Mehdi  Tajideen. He is the Sales Manager at Laura’s Food. Tajideen is a Gambian Lebanese.  His co accused person, Ossama Mahmoud,  is a Lebanese National.

Yassin Ndimbalan, the Deputy Spokesperson for Gambia’s Gambia’s anti-narcotic agency says the arrests were made over the weekend.  She says the matter is still under investigations.  The street value for the intercepted cocaine is yet to be established.

Laura’s food was set up after the  United States government had imposed sanctions  on Hussein Tajideen and his businesses in The Gambia. Tajideen has been indicted by the United States Treasury Department for for financing and supporting terrorism.

The Hussein family owns 55 percent of Laura’s food. Ossama Mahmoud owns 45 percent of the company’s shares. The company Laura’s Food was registered in The Gambia 2016.

The accused persons have been accused of using a shipment in the name of Mauritanian nationals to smuggle the 48 blocks of cocaine into the country. They are yet to be charged, according to the NDEA Deputy Spokesperson Yassin Ndimbalan.

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