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GPU Validates Revised Code Of Conduct |

By: Isatou Jawara

The Gambia Press Union (GPU) in collaboration with relevant media stakeholders validated and review the revised code of conduct which was currently review by members of selected committee.

The code of conduct will set rules and responsibilities of media institutions and workers while guaranteeing the protection of the rights of consumers and subjects of media content.

The validation was attended by senior Journalist and veteran media practitioners it was held on 5- 6 August 2019.

During the opening, Secretary General of GPU Mr Saikou Jammeh told media practitioners that the revised code of conduct will reflect on the current situation of the media.

He explained the code of conduct is revised every two years by a committee of media expert which when finalized is then validated by the General membership body.

According to him, GPU hope this code of conduct would be used as the basis for self-regulation by the media council of the Gambia an independent self-regulatory body set up to enhance professionalism in the media.

Jammeh noted that the document is binding on all categories of Journalist working in the country be it in print radio TV and news media. He urged every journalist should get a copy of code of conduct.

“This review will create a space to press freedom in the Gambia it will expand new challenges and we need to provide guidelines to monitor media outlets which will implement by GPU and the media council of the Gambia” he said.

The Chairperson of Media Council of the Gambia Mr Nana Grey Johnson speaks on ethics governing Journalism said Journalist should consider rules of ethics of avoid publishing stories which can cause harm to the public.

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