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NRP Denies Holding Talks with President Barrow to lead the party |

By: Sulayman Waan

Hon. Samba Jallow, National Assembly Member for Niamina Dankunku has said that the lawmakers of the National Reconciliation Party (NRP) have never discussed with President Adama Barrow to lead the NRP.

It could be recalled that recently The Voice published a story that indicates that ‘Members divided over decision to make Barrow lead NRP.

However, yesterday, in his reactions at National Assembly, Jallow who doubles as NRP’s campaign manager stressed that the party is not divided and the allegation against his party is bogus.

He described the allegations as totally wrong and misleading saying: “This is a complete lies and I don’t how it’s fabricated.”

Hon. Jallow said the allegation of President Barrow given “Tobaski” rams and monies to  NRP law makers is unfounded, noting that the president never give anything to any member of his party.

“If people are raising allegation against me for supporting President Barrow’s agenda in parliament, let them go ahead with those allegations. These are baseless allegations, no one can prove them,” he argued.

Hon. Jallow also the minority leader said he will support the head of state to the core because he wants the development of the nation.

He added that any day he realized President Barrow is deviating developing of the country he would be a different person toward the President.

Hon. Alhagie Mbowe, National Assembly Member for Upper Saloum constituency said NRP NAMs neither talk to President Barrow of being a member of NRP nor him leading the party.

He added that NRP is open to any Gambian who wants to join it because their (NRP) aim is just for develop the country.

“To be in the leadership of NRP there is a process that someone has to go through. If President Barrow wants to be in the leadership of NRP he has to go through that process like any other Gambian.

“Again that would have to go through a congress, that’s our constitution and we can’t deviate that, If President Barrow wants to joint NRP then he is welcome and I would be glad to receive his application, he said. Editor Note: We stand by the article ‘Members divided over decision to make Barrow lead NRP. Our article is accurate.

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