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Stakeholders Validates Renewable Energy Curriculum |

By: Mariam Njie

Stakeholders have validated the Renewable Energy Curriculum and Modules for Secondary, Vocational and Higher Education on 5th September, 2019 at Kairaba Beach Hotel.

The modules they developed are training modules, this is the first time in The Gambia having training curricular and modules develop in Renewable energy technologies which can be utilise in the three levels of Educations.

Latjor Ndow, Consultant of BEL TECH Gabriel said: “These Modules are actually developed for higher education, Tertiary and vocational, specifically Solar PV for electrification, Solar tarmacs as well as wind power”.

He explained that for Secondary we developed broader Modules called the Renewable energy technology, which introduces the Senior Secondary students to much broader technologies related to Renewable energy.

“So as a way of beginning to introduce this Renewable energy in the Secondary and basic Education schools  following the validation of this workshop, the next step is to have a training of trainers because in order for the students to be train in this modules, we must have the trainers train that’s the Teachers themselves,”  he said

He added that training will be conducted for teacher’s session as a pilot for this institution.

According to him, they will pilot the modules in three schools, one for Secondary, two for Tertiary institutions and the Higher education, they will help to introduce it there and work with the teachers, so that they can help them integrate it into their curriculums.

“once we complete that tasks, the next step is also to have a Demonstration Land because Renewable Energy technology is not just a theatrically  Concept, it’s the application of it that we much more interested” he said.

Dr. Burama Jammeh, Director for Curriculum Research, Education and Development, said physics and chemistry is Academic; the point is to transform the Academic things we learn in physics into critical things that people can do.

He said there are new subjects in the media like Basic Electricity, Basic Electronic and GSM Mobile technology and many others.

“Nigeria, Ghana are doing it in the level of WASCE, So why not The Gambia as well, Teachers should be presented with syllables,” Jammeh added.





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